School Profile

Our goal at Numa Elementary is to create and maintain a safe, positive, and enthusiastic atmosphere that promotes a love of learning and enables all students to achieve optimal academic growth.

NUMA MISSION STATEMENT:  All students achieving individual academic growth goals through effective instruction

NUMA SCHOOL MOTTO:  Working together to help all students SOAR
S - SAFE SCHOOL (following rules, policies, and procedures to ensure a safe school environment)
O - OUTSTANDING CHARACTER (promoting respect, responsibility, citizenship, caring, fairness, and trustworthiness)
A - ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT (making an instructional match to help every student achieve academic growth goals)
R - RESPECT FOR SELF AND OTHERS (fostering attentive listening, mutual respect, and appreciation)

Numa Elementary welcomes and encourages parent involvement.  We recognize that some parents are able to volunteer and participate during the school day, and others concentrate their involvement after school hours as they review their child's daily learning, read with them, or help with homework.  We believe the best learning takes place and is reinforced as we communicate and support each other in our students' educational experience.  Your first and best connection at Numa is with your child's teacher.

Information about our PIC (Parent Involvement Committee) and PTO (Parent Teacher Organization), as well as other current Numa programs, events, and activites are available in the school office.  Our administration and office staff are ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have as we work together to provide quality education for our students.