Title 1
EC Best Elementary School Parent Involvement Policy

  1. Policy
      Parents and families provide the primary educational environment for children; consequently, parents are vital and necessary partners with the educational communities throughout their children's school career. Although parents come to the schools with diverse cultural backgrounds, primary languages, and needs, universally all parents want what is best for their children. Each Title I school will establish and develop efforts that enhance parental involvement and reflect the needs of students, parents, and families in the communities which they serve. Providing all students of EC Best Elementary School with equal access to quality education is a primary goal. It is vital that all partners (parents, educators, communities, etc.) have the opportunity to provide input and offer resources to meet this goal. These partnerships are mutually beneficial. Developing cooperative efforts and linking access to resources will ensure improved academic achievement for all students, as well as quality schools.

    1. COMMUNICATION: Communication between home and school is regular, two-way, and meaningful. Effective communication requires school-initiated contact with the parent and parent-initiated contact with the school where both parties provide vital information about a child's strengths, challenges, and accomplishments. To effectively communicate, both parties must be aware of issues such as cultural diversity and language differences and appropriate steps must be taken to allow clear communication for all participants.
      • Monthly newsletter
      • Notices home
      • Teacher generated newsletters
      • Lahontan Valleys News
      • School website
      • District office website with links to state standards & proficiency scores
      • EC Best Elementary Brochure
      • Automated phone calling system

    2. PARENTING: Responsible parenting is promoted and supported. The family plays a primary role in a child's education, and schools must respect and honor traditions and activities unique to a community's cultural practices and beliefs. Parents are linked to programs and resources within the community that provide support services to families.
      • Home visits
      • Parenting tips in monthly newsletters
      • Parenting workshops at school
      • Referrals to community resources

    3. LEARNING AT HOME: Parents play an integral role in assisting student learning. Educators recognize and acknowledge parents' roles as the integral and primary facilitator of their children's education. Research demonstrates student achievement increases when parents are actively involved in the learning process.
      • Parent Teacher Conferences
      • Telephone Conferences
      • Homework tips
      • Reading together
      • Attendance at school events

    4. VOLUNTEERING: Schools are open and inviting to parents and families and are actively seeking parental support and assistance for school programs. Parents are welcome in the school, and their support and assistance are sought. Capitalizing on the expertise and skills of the parents strengthens the family, school and community partnership.
      • Classroom help
      • Bulletin boards
      • Awards assembly set-up
      • Assist in the library
      • Service on school committees
      • Box tops and soup labels

    5. DECISION MAKING: Parents are full partners in the decisions that affect children and families. Parents and educators have a joint responsibility to make informed decisions related to all aspects of the education provided to Nevada's youth. The role of parents in shared decision making should be continually evaluated, refined, and expanded.
      • School Council
      • Parent Survey
      • School Improvement Plan to include a Title I Parent
      • Parent Involvement Committee

    6. COLLABORATING WITH THE COMMUNITY: Community resources are made available to strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning. Schools and parents will cultivate relationships with additional members of the community in order to promote and effectively increase educational opportunities for children. Together, parents, educators and community members will join efforts toward identifying and promoting community resources and innovative programs for strengthening schools, families, and student learning.
      • Welfare County Services
      • Bread Basket
      • Juvenile Probation Organization/JPO
      • Fallon Mental Health
      • EC Best assists with food baskets, canned food drives, collect cans
      • "Pennies For A Cause"
      • "Stuff the Bus"
      • Difference Makers - program to recognize students who make a difference in their community.

  2. Administrative Regulations

    1. Establishment of the Committee
      • In order to enhance parental involvement, EC Best Elementary School will establish a family, community and school partnership committee to work on the six essential elements as recommended by NRS 392.457. The committee made up of teachers, administration and parents will be chaired by a parent with the responsibility for the joint development or revision of the school's parent involvement plan.

    2. Annual Meeting to approve School Parent Involvement Policy
      • A mandatory annual review of the parent involvement plan will be scheduled in the spring of each year. Parent involvement committee meetings will be held at various times to allow participation from parents with the availability of transportation and child care.

    3. School Improvement Plan
      • Parents will be involved in the review and revisions made to the School Improvement Plan. A minimum of one parent will be required to conduct a school improvement plan meeting. Documentation is required of the parent attendance and the parents involved must be listed on the annual plan. The School Improvement Plan will be posted on the school web site. Study Island will be implemented to help at risk students in areas of reading and math.

    4. School-Parent Compact
      • The School-Parent Compact as required by NCLB, Section 1118(d) must be sent home during the first week of school with signed return requested.

    5. Building strong Parent Involvement
      • The school will build the parent's capacity for strong parental involvement in order to improve student achievement through the following means:
        1. Communication of the grade level standards for students enrolled in the school will occur through a brochure that is sent home to the parents with a description of the state and local academic assessments, including alternate assessments, at the beginning of each year including the level targets for the current year. In addition the information will appear on the District's web page. Information will be sent to parents annually on how to access the Power School system to monitor their child's progress.
        2. Back to School night will reiterate this information and provide parents an opportunity to understand how to communicate with their child's teacher. Parents will receive information in how to interact with their child's school. Parents, teachers and staff will receive information in how to work as equal partners, the value of parents in contributing to the school climate, and how to build ties between parents and the school.
        3. Through the ConnectEd, the school shall ensure that parents receive information related to parent involvement programs, meetings and activities and to the extent practicable in a language parents can understand. If a language barrier exists in using this system, an alternative written or mass communication message shall be sent.

    6. As appropriate, EC Best Elementary will coordinate parent involvement programs and activities in coordination with the ESL Program, Migrant Program, Indian Ed Program, Early Childhood Programs, and Parents as Teachers through FRIENDS Family Resource Center.

    7. EC Best Elementary School will provide other reasonable support for parental involvement activities:
      1. Provide materials and training to help parents work with their student to improve academic achievement which may include:
        • Books
        • Skill development materials and activities.
        • Parent nights to encourage parent and child activities.
        • Parenting classes on how to help their child feel successful
      2. Maintain a school website with school information.
      3. Informational newsletters
      4. Other support that parents may request

    8. Title I funding will be available to Title I schools to assist in the activities that are required to allow parents to participate in the school activities.
      1. A letter from the Parent Involvement Committee is required by the school to Federal Programs office.
      2. An itemized list of purchase information including, vendor, address, phone, items, quantity, cost per unit, and total.
      3. Approval by the principal.