Churchill Virtual Program

Welcome to our Churchill Virtual Program

Churchill County School District offers "Distance Education" to secondary students (6th-12th) through our Churchill Virtual Program. Students interested in the Churchill Virtual Program should meet with their school counselor for a consultation.

Churchill County High School, 423-2181 or Churchill County Middle School, 423-7701.

Students kindergarten through 5th grade can also utilize our Churchill Virtual Program. If interested, please contact our Educational Services Office at 775-423-0462.

Applications & Downloads

Distance Education Application 2015-2016 Distance Education Application 2015-2016 (319 KB) 31-Jul-2015

Distance Education Guidelines 2015-2016 Distance Education Guidelines 2015-2016 (995 KB) 22-Jul-2015

Distance Education Program Orientation Distance Education Program Orientation (3221 KB) 17-Aug-2015


Am I eligible to apply for the same scholarships as my peers?
How do I find out if the Churchill Virtual Program is right for me?
How does Distance Education work?
If I become a Churchill Virtual Program student, can I participate in other activities?
What if I need a little extra help on hard lessons?
What is my responsibility if I become a Churchill Virtual Program student?
What is the Churchill Virtual Program?
What on-line software does the Churchill Virtual Program use?
Who will issue my diploma?

General Information

Our Churchill Virtual Program is Ideal for:

  • Accelerated Learners
  • Students Who Seek Enrichment Classes Not Offered at School
  • Homeless/Displaced Youth
  • Homebound Medical Students
  • Students with Personal Issues Preventing Regular School Attendance
  • Students Who Have Been Suspended
  • Students Who Seek Credit Recovery

Churchill Virtual Program Vision


The vision of the Churchill Virtual Program is to provide each student with unique opportunities to grow academically, emotionally, and socially while recognizing individual differences. The Churchill Virtual Program staff is committed to creating and maintaining a supportive and safe learning environment where self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning are continually encouraged. Students will experience a caring and non threatening environment where they will achieve mastery, personal growth, and proficient exit outcomes set forth by the Churchill County School District. Our Churchill Virtual Program is designed to accommodate individual styles of learning so that all students experience success.

Churchill Virtual Program At A Glance

  • Web-based Curriculum
  • Competency based-master content you have not learned
  • Classes can be completed in 15 weeks
  • CCSD Distance Education uses A+

Computer Lit Information and Login

Students who are taking Computer Literacy I or II will not find their courses in A+. These courses can be found at the following website:

Use your A+ Login to sign into your computer class. These courses do not have Assessments A and B or Final Exams like A+ courses. The lessons have quizzes/tests built into the curriculum which determines final grades. When you have completed your course, please turn in your handwritten notes to Mrs. Lindsay. Follow progress outline for elective completion schedule.

Grades for Computer literacy courses will be calculated by using the following categories:

90% Course work (quizzes/assessments built into program)

10% Offline work (turning in your handwritten notes)

Attendance and Student Progress

Churchill Virtual Program
Attendance and Student Progress

Students are required to check in weekly for attendance. Check in by Wednesday of each week!

The Churchill Virtual Program Teacher will assign each student an instructional assistant to check in with weekly.

Attendance/Student Progress Instructional Assistants:

Sherri Barnes,

phone: 775-423-2181