News & Announcements

Advisory Classes Adopt Navy Personnel

Advisory classes are working toward a service project in an effort to give back to our school and communty.

Control of the Pacing and Ownership of Learning

Ms. Kent reports more students completing quality work with the option to pace and ask questions...

Choir, Band 2 and Jazz Band Perform for Students, Staff, and Parents

CCMS students show off the new skills acquired in Band and Music 1 Class

Students and Staff at CCMS Give Back to the Community

CCMS is very proud of the effort and giving nature of our students and staff.

2017-18 CCMS Schedule

CCMS staff has examined and researched a more student-centered schedule.

Academic Planning

Students set goals, monitor progress, and prepare for high school and beyond ...

Tips From the School Nurse

Help Keep Your Child Healthy and Flu-Free

No Bullying Policy

CCMS does not tolerate bullying. Here are some bullying rules to follow.


You have three days to excuse your student’s absence. On the fourth day the absence becomes truancy. Follow these steps so that your child will be excused from their absence.