Scholarship Forms

Seniors: Download the following documents and complete them.  Keep copies of each in your own "scholarship folder" so you will have everything you need when you apply for scholarships in the scholarship office. If the documents do not show up on this page, click "Scholarship Forms" to view them.

Scholarship Forms

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General Scholarship Information

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Students and parents may visit the scholarship office without an appointment.

Applying for scholarships and financial aid is helpful in offsetting the cost of your university, community college, vocational or trade school education.

For a list of available scholarships and their due dates, click on "Available Scholarships" at the top of this page.

Personal Statement

There is space on the General Scholarship Application for your personal statement. This is a very important part of the general scholarship application. An effective personal statement will help set you apart and give you a competitive edge with scholarship selection committees, employers, and college admissions committees.

Your personal statement should provide an introduction of you, in a brief, concise, and powerful way for the reader who may not otherwise know you. It demonstrates that you have thought about and gained a clear perspective on your experiences and what you want to do in the future. Using appropriate grammar and checking for spelling errors will showcase your ability to write. Show your personal statement to others for feedback to use for possible revision.

There are many ways to write a personal statement. For use on the CCHS General Scholarship application we suggest you use the format described below and keep your personal statement to a few paragraphs.

  • Start by brainstorming. Ask others to tell you (take notes) what adjectives they would use to describe you. Think about and record the characteristics you are most proud of.

Example: brave, persistent, hard-working, dependable, consistent, creative, leader, witty, good problem-solver, athletic, determined. Then use these descriptors in the beginning of your personal statement to grab and hold the readers attention. Example: “My demonstrated bravery and ability to react quickly when someone is in danger are defining characteristics of mine. Not only have I learned to be brave, but I have worked to develop strong skills in problem-solving using my creativity, wit, and determination.”

  • Use evidence or relay a story to back up what you are describing about yourself:

Example: “One summer at camp a friend and I went fishing. I didn’t realize at the time that my friend could not swim, and when we were walking around the edge of the lake (littered with boulders) he fell in. I reacted quickly and offered him my hand and was able to pull him to the surface.”

  • Sum up with a statement or statements about your beliefs and what you value:

Example: “This experience taught me the value of being aware of my surroundings and always being prepared to react quickly. My service to my friend is something that brings me great pride. As a result of this early experience I have taken classes in CPR and life guard training and I stay physically fit so that I can pursue my goal to become an emergency room doctor.”

Scholarship information is located in the CCHS Library or the CCHS Counseling Department

Here are your financial aid steps to follow:


  1. Complete the General Scholarship Application
    • MUST be typed.) Download it from this website or pick up a hard copy from the Scholarship Office.
    • Leave the top of the form blank where it indicates “Name of Scholarship.”
    • Very Important : Your parent or guardian must sign the bottom of
      the application form when it is completed. Make several copies of your completed application.
  2. Complete the Student Profile/Letter of Recommendation Request Form (also available on line)
    • Once you complete this form, make 3 - 5 copies, turn in the original to the Scholarship Office and then and give copies to any adults that you would like to write letters of recommendation for you.
    • Teachers and counselors may refuse to write a letter for you without a copy of the Student Profile/Letter of Recommendation Request Form. You must allow at least two weeks for completion of the recommendation. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL TWO WEEKS BEFORE WINTER BREAK TO ASK FOR THESE!
  3. Complete the Transcript Release Form
    • Completing this form gives the counseling department permission to send your high school transcripts to colleges or trade schools.
    • You will need to fill out a Transcript Request Form with the admissions office address of the school(s) you are applying to and we can send an official transcript for you.

      View the Scholarship BIN in the CCHS Library
      It houses folders with all the scholarships that are currently available to students. Whenever you have free time, come in and look through the bin to see which scholarships you qualify for. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to look through the scholarship bin as we

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Contact the CCHS Counseling Office for Scholarship Information!