Honors School Requirements

Students may apply for admission to the Honors School after the completion of the first semester of their senior year provided they have earned an overall minimum G.P.A. of 4.0 for all coursework. “All coursework” includes courses not submitted as part of the 24-credit HonorsSchool requirement.


Honors School students must be of the highest character. Students who have violated behavior standards will be denied admission to the Honors School.

Behaviors that will disqualify a student from participating include cheating, theft, fighting, insolence directed at school personnel, and vandalism. The behaviors listed here are examples of unacceptable behavior, and the list is not intended to be all inclusive.

Academic Requirements

  1. Honors School students shall have qualified for a State of Nevada “Advanced Diploma.”
  2. Honors School students must have earned a minimum of three (3) credits in Advanced Placement (AP) courses.
  3. College classes that qualify for “Dual-Credit” can be counted as regular high school classes. College classes do not carry added value for GPA calculation purposes. Three (3) college credits equal one-half (1/2) credit of high school work.
  4. Submission of twenty-four (24) high school credits with “letter grades.” Courses with a “letter grade” of “D” or “F” may not be submitted.
  5. Classes that are graded on a “pass/fail” basis as opposed to a “letter grade” basis will not count toward the twenty-four (24)-credit entrance requirement.
  6. An overall G.P.A. minimum of 4.0 for all coursework. “All coursework” includes courses not submitted as part of the 24-credit Honors School requirement.


  1. A separate G.P.A. calculation will be made within the Honors School for the purpose of ranking Honors School members. This calculation will be based on the twenty-four (24) credits submitted.
  2. Top positions in each graduating class at Churchill County High School are filled by Honors School members only. Any Honors School student with a 4.8 G.P.A. or higher will be a “Co-valedictorian.” The two highest-ranking “Co-valedictorians” will deliver commencement addresses.