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As you get ready to transition to the high school we in the Counseling Office want to help prepare you. You and your parent will be invited to come over to complete a 4-year plan. This plan will help guide your course selection... help you pick a "goal diploma" and learn more about clubs and activities. In preparation for the meeting your counselor at the CCMS will have you create a username and password in the where you will take an IDEAS interest assessment. We will use the results to help you find your career cluster at the high school.

The first time you log in use: Username: churchill; password: ch_cchs. Once you are in, create your own account using your last name first initial all lowercase as your user name, then create your password using your student ID # followed by the first letter of your last name and the first letter of your first name. This way your counselor at the high school can help you log in if you are having trouble remembering your user name and password.

Keys to Success in High School

Know the eligibility requirements for the Nevada Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship.  You must graduate with a diploma from a Nevada public or private high school in the graduating class of the year 2000 or later; You must complete high school with at least a 3.25 grade point average calculated using all high school credit granting courses. The grade point average may be weighted or unweighted. You must pass all areas of the Nevada High School Proficiency Examination; You must have been a resident of Nevada, as defined by theBoard of Regents’ policy (Title 4, Chapter 18, Section 19), for at least two of your high school years. In addition to these eligibility requirements, a student who graduates with the class of 2009 or later must have completed the core curriculum as defined in the NSHE Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Policies and Procedures of the Board of Regents: Section 13. Core Curriculum. The Board recognizes the importance of a rigorous high school curriculum in adequately preparing students to succeed in college level courses. Therefore, a student who graduates from a Nevada high school in Spring 2009 and thereafter must successfully complete the following curriculum in high school to be eligible for the Millennium Scholarship: High School Courses Units English 4, Math (including Algebra II) 4, Natural Science 3, Social Science and History 3

Set a goal for a high Grade Point Average
A= 4 points; B= 3 points C = 2 points D = 1 point and F = 0 points

(F’s lower your GPA because the course you earned an F in gets divided into your grade points even though you got no points for it.)

Honors Courses completed and Advanced Placement courses carry “added value” for your GPA… all the more reason to take rigorous courses in High School

Choose a Goal Diploma (descriptions listed are intended to highlight qualifications and not meant to be a complete description of course requirements)

Advanced Diploma (24 credits, 3.25 GPA)

Honors School Diploma (24 credits including 3 AP classes; 4.0 GPA to apply)

Standard Diploma to qualify for the Millennium Scholarship (22.5 credits, 4 yrs of Math including Algebra II and 3.25 minimum GPA)

Standard Diploma with CTE Endorsement (22.5 credits total including at least 2 CTE courses leading to a terminal project) 

Standard Diploma (22.5 credits)

Please ask your parent to call (423-2181 ext. 230) for an appointment with your high school counselor for your 4-year plan. Counselors are assigned based on the alphabet - See Counselor Assignments Here. At the meeting, which should include the student, counselors will record elective course selections and the goal diploma selected. Students and parents will have already received a course catalog for review.

There is a lot to do in high school so begin early and plan well…
here are some more ideas and some great websites for you!

Draft a resume that includes activities, awards, community service, and other unique educational experiences. Increase family involvement in high school, such as attending open houses, sporting events, and fairs. Meet with high school counselors and teachers regularly about academic progress. Understand the federal financial aid process, visit Continue to contribute to a college savings plan, visit

My College Quick Start on College Board:

Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation
Nevada Career Information System

500 E. Third St., Carson City, NV 89713
Telephone: (775) 684-0477

Nevada High School Proficiency Exam


College Board
Website (SAT, Quick Start, PSAT/ NMSQT)


Nevada Treasurer’s Website for College Saving:

Federal Student Aid

Federal College Resource

College of Southern Nevada
Phone:(702) 651-4060

Great Basin College
Phone:(775) 753-2102

Truckee Meadows Community College
Phone:(775) 673-7042

Western Nevada College
Phone:(775) 445-3277

Nevada State College
Phone:(702) 992-2130

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Phone:(702) 774-UNLV(8658)

University of Nevada, Reno

Nevada State Treasurer:
Phone: (888) 477-2667

Federal Student Aid
Phone: (800) 4-FED-AID (800-433-3243)
TTY: (800) 730-8913

Toll number for inquirers calling from foreign countries: 1-319-337-5665

Federal Pell Grant Program Website:

Direct Stafford Loans Website:

Federal Perkins Loan Program Website:

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant Website:

Student Aid Home Page:


At CCHS we have many clubs...

Ms. Mary our S to S advisor posted this display in the hall across from the library. Check it out when you get here!