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    Churchill County School District Superintendent's Office serves as the location where parents and community are welcome to come for various sources of information regarding the school district. Staff members are:

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    • Stephens, Summer


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    • Shyne, Debra

      Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/
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      Clerical Assistant

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Welcome Back! August 2019 Message

Welcome back to a year focused on learners at the center of all that we do! I join the Board of Trustees and staff of the district in building upon the great work of recent years.

We spent the past year hearing from stakeholders about ideas and issues that impact children. To drive us forward, we engaged in building our District Strategic Plan. Our future work will focus around creating the most effective learning environments for all learners. To meet those expectations, we must use new techniques, including a variety of tools to teach new literacies, including computer science. We must increase personalized and competency-based learning and foster innovation and creativity, as these are keys to the future of a diversified and vibrant economy. We will support students as they understand and own their strengths and learning needs, provide targeted instruction in areas of need, and help students communicate effectively. We support the idea that Tony Buzan articulated, "Learning to learn is life's most important skill."

District Goals:

  • All learners will be life ready
  • All learners will engaged citizens
  • Internal and external communication will be improved & effective

Our Work in 2019-2020:

  • We will continue to implement strategies to ensure all students are effective and proficient readers in elementary.
  • We will continue to design and implement opportunities to ensure our culture is inclusive and builds kids up!
  • We will continue to develop Learner Agency in all and work to ensure that our Profile of a Learner is at the forefront of all that we do.
  • We will present clear and well-articulated curriculum summaries and learning guides to all learners and all stakeholders, ensuring that we communicate expectations for learning and all of the strategies to get there.
  • We will continue our Blended Learning Community at CCMS.
  • We will continue building career pathways for all through career certifications and work-based learning opportunities at the high school as part of the efforts to meet the goals of Life Works.
  • We will continue to review and upgrade safety training and facilities to ensure that each and every learner can focus on the business of learning!

It is my honor to serve as your superintendent, and I am committed to helping ensure that we support all learners (students and staff) to maximize their potential!

Dr. Summer Stephens, Superintendent

District Strategic Plan

Profile of a Learner

This profile describes the expectations our community believes are required of successful learners in ChurchillCSD.

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