Office of the Superintendent

    Churchill County School District Superintendent's Office serves as the location where parents and community are welcome to come for various sources of information regarding the school district. Staff members are:

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    • Stephens, Summer


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    • Shyne, Debra

      Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/
      Board of Trustees

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    • Gomes, Selena

      Clerical Assistant

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to a new year highlighted by innovation, opportunities, community connections, and commitment to all Churchill County School District students. I join the Board of Trustees and staff of the district in building upon the great work of recent years. Some of those successes include: enhanced facilities, a balanced budget, deeper curriculum alignment, successful implementation of a highly recognized Pre-K program, implementation of 1:1 technology in grades 2nd through 12th, and work in career and learning pathways.

Our future work will focus around creating the most effective learning environments for all learners. To meet those expectations, we must use new techniques in the classrooms, including a variety of tools to teach new literacies, including computer science. We must increase personalized and competency-based learning and foster innovation and creativity, as these are keys to the future of a diversified and vibrant economy. We will support students as they understand and own their strengths and learning needs, provide targeted instruction in areas of need, and help students communicate effectively. As Tony Buzan articulated, "Learning to learn is life's most important skill."

Several highlights of the upcoming year will bring increased attention and opportunity to meet the goals of Nevada Ready!

  • We will continue to implement strategies to ensure all students are effective and proficient readers in early elementary through our work in Pre-K and intervention efforts in K-3. We will also identify areas in which we do not have adequate resources and supports for future-ready needs and work to address those needs.
  • We will continue to develop independent learners and clearly identify areas of strength and need in the intermediate grades and middle school.
  • We will launch our Blended Learning Community with approximately 130 middle school students. The Community will focus on developing personalized learning for students to meet the demands of the workforce and the world beyond the walls of the school. These students will experience project-based learning opportunities where they can focus on interests and self-directed work as they solve real-world problems, utilize collaborative learning space where they will be able to learn from one another (with the teacher as a lead learner), and employ technology-enhanced learning for key content. The Community is already seen as a leader in the Competency-Based Education pilot in the State of Nevada.
  • We will continue building career pathways through career certifications and work-based learning opportunities at the high school as part of the efforts to meet the goals of Life Works: Building Skills for the New Nevada. We will build opportunities for students to pursue areas of interest; learn critical skills for communication, engagement, and employability; explore in-demand and high-priority occupations and industries; engage in rigorous and relevant coursework for academic and career success; and partner with local, county, and state-level employers and organizations to ensure the viability of the community for years to come. 
  • We will also embark on conversations about the whole child development, including safety and mental health, growing learners through instruction in multiple areas, and as a pinnacle of the next year, engagement of the community at large (staff, parents, students, community members, business leaders, to name a few) in the development of a strategic design that will set our course for the future. 
It is my honor to serve as your superintendent, and I am committed to helping ensure that we support all learners (students and staff) to maximize their potential! 


Dr. Summer Stephens, Superintendent