Office of the Superintendent

    Churchill County School District Superintendent's Office serves as the location where parents and community are welcome to come for various sources of information regarding the school district. Staff members are:

    Meet Our Staff

    • Sheldon, Sandra


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    • Shyne, Debra

      Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/
      Board of Trustees

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    • Gomes, Selena

      Clerical Assistant

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Churchill County School District Has Evolved

Modern public schools have always been a priority in Churchill County. According to the Churchill County Museum Associations IN FOCUS Millennial Issue, (1999-2000), in 1871, the Big Adobe was constructed out of Lahontan Valley clay to be the first school in Churchill County. Lemuel Allen was the premier instructor of the school, which was located near Bass Road.  The Institute was erected at the "Upper Sinks" (East Corkill Lane) in 1876. In 1906, the first brick high school was constructed on Stillwater Avenue where the Cottage School buildings are now. Classes were held there from 1906-1918. A bond was passed by the community and in 1918, the new high school was built on Maine Street. At that time, there were 17 school districts in Churchill County. During the early 1900s these small districts were consolidated into what is now Churchill County School District. This rich history of public education in Churchill County shows the importance the community places on preparing the children of Churchill County for the needs of the future. This tradition of excellence in public education is continuing today through the maintenance of efficient, modern facilities, providing educational programs that are more focused and individualized for increased student achievement and providing the technology necessary to prepare students for successful transition to their future college or career choices.

Now after over 111 years of educational excellence in Churchill County, the 2017-2018 school year is what I am calling Churchill County School District 2.0, celebrating the second century of education in Churchill County School District. This year constitutes the fulfillment of many original goals that were set when I became Superintendent of ChurchillCSD. They include:
  • A balanced budget
  • Comprehensive, aligned educational curriculum for all students
  • 1:1 technology for students to use on a daily basis
  • Highly qualified teachers able to implement technology in their instruction
  • A stronger connection to post-secondary educational and career opportunities for students
  • A more welcoming and open partnership with our parents and community members.
From our highly recognized Pre-K program for three and four year olds at Northside Early Learning Center to our focus on early literacy and math at Lahontan and E.C. Best; our one-to-one Chromebooks used to enhance instruction and learning in grades 4-12 to the Career and Technical educational programs leading to internships and industry certification at CCHS; and, of course, our Advanced Placement program to our Jump Start to College program, which provides students with college level credits and the ability to achieve their Associates Degree by the end of their senior year; these opportunities and more show that ChurchillCSD is progressive and forward thinking, preparing students for any career path they choose to follow.

Watching children and families grow and thrive in our schools is the best job in the world. It is my extreme pleasure to serve as your Superintendent.

Thank you for supporting Churchill County School District.


Dr. Sandra Sheldon, Superintendent