Surplus Auctions

I am very excited to introduce the new process for selling Churchill County School District's surplus items. We are going to be using PUBLICSURPLUS.COM to sell the items. There will be pictures of items to be sold on our District Warehouse page to look through before you go to the website. There is a link below that will direct you to the website. All you have to do now, is choose our STATE from the first drop--down menu, then choose CHURCHILL COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT from the second drop--down menu. This will take you to the current items that are being offered in our auction. From here it works like most other auctions sites. Items will be listed for a specific number of days. Simply place your bid and at the end of the specified bidding time, the successful bidder will be notified. Once you get the notification you can then call us at 775-423-5322 to arrange a time for you to pick up your item. New items will be added as they come in so we encourage you to check the WAREHOUSE page often.

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