Churchill County School District
School Lunch Options


Children need healthy meals to learn. Churchill County School District offers healthy meals every school day.

Our school sites provide the following low-cost dining options:

  • Student Breakfast (all sites)
  • Adult Breakfast (all sites)
  • Elementary Lunch
  • Middle School Lunch
  • High School Lunch
  • Adult Lunch
  • Milk
  • Free or Reduced Lunches



 Example: extra milk .50, water .50.

  The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
Menu subject to change

Churchill County School District invites all students to eat breakfast & lunch in their school cafeteria.  We encourage all parents to prepay for their students meals.  You can pay for a week, a month or for the year.  We cannot make change, so whatever dollar amount your child(ren) brings in, will be put on his/her account.
If special arrangements need to be made contact your child's cafeteria cashier prior to a situation. If your child's account has a less than $1.75 balance your child will not receive a full lunch. Your child(ren) will receive string cheese and a juice for lunch.  Please take care of the matter as soon as possible by sending money to your child(ren)s cafeteria.  Students may purchase ala carte items through their meal accounts.  Money must be put on the account in order to purchase these items.  Milk .30, water .50. If you qualify for free meals you must pay for extra items.  Lunch is $2.00 - Breakfast is $1.50.
Please ask to speak with the kitchen.
West End423-2187 
E.C. Best423-3159 

The food service staff encourages parents to join our students for lunch.  Together we make the positive difference in their lives.

You can now pay online if you choose to, go to You will need your students ID number and your students last name.  If you so choose, the payment can be set up to withdraw monthly or when your Childs' account reaches a certain level.  If you have questions, please contact Dawn Whitten at 428-2700.

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