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    Human Resources Analyst

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  • Norcutt, Lori

    Human Resources Analyst

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Welcome to the Human Resources Department

Welcome to the Churchill County School District Human Resources Department. Our current staff of 189 licensed and 196 classified personnel provide educational services for 3,350 students in six schools which are located in Fallon, Nevada.

Job Descriptions

HR | Elementary Teacher HR | Elementary Teacher (114 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | Secondary Teacher HR | Secondary Teacher (49 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | Special Education Teacher HR | Special Education Teacher (53 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | Account Technician HR | Account Technician (396 KB) 30-Nov-2016

HR | Administrative Secretary HR | Administrative Secretary (118 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | Campus Security Officer HR | Campus Security Officer (90 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | Classified Nurse-RN HR | Classified Nurse-RN (198 KB) 30-Nov-2016

HR | Custodian HR | Custodian (131 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | Data Management Specialist HR | Data Management Specialist (117 KB) 30-Nov-2016

HR | Data Specialist HR | Data Specialist (116 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | Duty Assistant HR | Duty Assistant (105 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | Family Service Specialist HR | Family Service Specialist (267 KB) 18-Apr-2017

HR | Groundskeeper HR | Groundskeeper (185 KB) 21-Mar-2016

HR | Human Resources Analyst HR | Human Resources Analyst (171 KB) 13-Jun-2016

HR | Maintenance Technician HR | Maintenance Technician (146 KB) 20-Jan-2016

HR | Paraprofessional Instruction Assistant-EC HR | Paraprofessional Instruction Assistant-EC (194 KB) 10-Feb-2017

HR | Paraprofessional Instructional Assistant HR | Paraprofessional Instructional Assistant (117 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | Paraprofessional Instructional Assistant-ELL HR | Paraprofessional Instructional Assistant-ELL (120 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | Paraprofessional Instructional Assistant-SPED HR | Paraprofessional Instructional Assistant-SPED (117 KB) 30-Nov-2016

HR | Paraprofessional Library Specialist HR | Paraprofessional Library Specialist (125 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | School Bus Driver HR | School Bus Driver (116 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | School Bus Driver Trainer HR | School Bus Driver Trainer (98 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | School Office Manager-Elementary HR | School Office Manager-Elementary (49 KB) 20-Mar-2017

HR | School Office Manager-Secondary HR | School Office Manager-Secondary (115 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | School Secretary I HR | School Secretary I (112 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | School Secretary II HR | School Secretary II (107 KB) 11-Jun-2015

HR | Superintendent Secretary HR | Superintendent Secretary (196 KB) 30-Nov-2016

HR | Transportation Secretary/Dispatch HR | Transportation Secretary/Dispatch (114 KB) 11-Jun-2015



How does your district encourage teachers to earn advanced degrees?

How many schools are in Churchill County?

I have a license in another state; can I teach on that license in Nevada?

What are the other benefits of teaching in Churchill County School District?

What is the beginning salary for a certified teacher?

What is the ethnic breakdown of students in the Churchill County School District?

What is the total student enrollment in Churchill County?

Where is Churchill County?

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We are located at 690 South Maine Street, Fallon, Nevada 89406
Phone: 775-428-7240
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